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HarmonyGlide Pro Hip Seat Baby Carrier with Strap

HarmonyGlide Pro Hip Seat Baby Carrier with Strap

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Introducing our exquisite "HarmonyGlide Pro Baby Carrier" - an embodiment of love and care for both you and your precious little one. Crafted from premium, eco-friendly materials, this carrier radiates luxury and elegance, designed to elevate your parenting experience to new heights.

Embrace the unparalleled comfort, elegance, and environmental responsibility with the HarmonyGlide Pro Baby Carrier - a truly exceptional choice for discerning parents who seek the best for their little ones and the world they will inherit.

Back strap method: kiss chest, kangaroo, cross - hug

Belt length : 70 - 118 cm ( 27.56 - 46.46 in )

Bearing: 20 kg ( 44 Ibs )

One size fits all 


The HarmonyGlide Pro Baby Carrier is meticulously crafted from the finest, sustainable fabrics, ensuring a soft and nurturing environment for your baby's delicate skin. The plush inner lining provides a cocoon of comfort, while the sturdy, yet lightweight outer shell guarantees lasting durability.


Our carrier is a testament to impeccable craftsmanship, exuding sophistication and prestige. Each stitch is carefully placed to withstand the demands of your busy lifestyle, allowing you to cherish the precious bonding moments with your baby without compromise. With the HarmonyGlide Pro, you'll feel a sense of pride in owning a premium product that stands apart from the rest.


Engineered to withstand the test of time, the HarmonyGlide is thoughtfully designed to grow with your child. From infancy to toddlerhood, it provides unwavering support, ensuring that you and your baby can create cherished memories together for years to come.

Use - Cases

Embrace the versatility of the HarmonyGlide Pro, as it effortlessly adapts to various scenarios. Whether you're strolling through bustling city streets, exploring the great outdoors, or simply nurturing your little one at home, this carrier embraces every moment with ease and grace. The multiple carry positions, including kiss chest, kangaroo, and cross-hug, offer a wide range of choices to cater to your baby's and your comfort.

Low Environmental Impact

At BleuRibbon, we deeply care about our planet's well-being. The Baby Carrier is responsibly sourced, created with eco-conscious materials and manufacturing processes. Its low environmental impact aligns with our commitment to a sustainable future for the next generation.

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